Why should I have a certified viewing booth?


About certification with ASTM 1729-96 and CIE Publication 51.

Viewing booths were designed to obtain controlled and reliable conditions for evaluating the color and metamerism of samples and products. These conditions need to meet the specifications for light intensity, quality of simulated daylight, even illumination, and background of the viewing surface.

If various viewers meet certain requirements but fall short on others, then the possibility of different outcomes can occur when evaluating or comparing products and samples. To prevent these complications, the industry has developed international standards and applied them to light sources and viewing conditions.

Color matching booths and light sources that achieve a B/C rating for CIE Publication 51 are inspected and rated to the ASTM Standard 1729-96 to offer consistent viewing conditions. CIE rating range from E/E up to A/A, the latter being optimal. This is the only way to reach an accurate and identical outcome (assuming normal color vision) pertaining to color and metamerism over several different stations or locations.

The viewing conditions and lighting can and will change over time. Through regular review and certification, you can be sure your station fulfills the international standards for illumination and viewing environments. This certificate is your assurance that your booth meets these standards.

All CMB booths are inspected before packaging and are shipped with a certificate valid for one year from the commissioning date. To make sure you continue to meet the standards in the future, GTI offers a LiteSupport service to our clients. This is a cost efficient way to know that your GTI viewer still complies with ASTM and CIE specifications. A complete evaluation of your full line of booths is available, so you can determine how well each booth meets the standards and how effectively they are coordinated. Using this method you can spare yourself from costly errors. Contact us and we will gladly offer you more information regarding our Litesupport program.


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