SCV SimultaneousColor Viewer


Allows for a visual comparrison of colors under 4 different light sources at the same time.

Color Consistency is a critical aspect when picking out colors and materials. As we are not capable of accurately remembering color impressions, color matching can prove difficult when switching from one light source to the next. The SCV (Simultaneous Color Viewer) allows the designer to evaluate a color sample under 4 different light sources, with or without UV. This provides you with an instant visual demonstration of metamerism and color harmony, helping to meet the design goals. The SCV is an indispensable tool for product development, along with color and material selection.

Color harmony can be tested with the SCV by evaluation of color samples. This can quickly answer the question of “What color pairing match the best under all light sources?”

The SCV is a desktop viewer that allows you to compare color samples under varying side by side light sources. Includes separately controlled UV light.

The four light sources are :

D65 (6500 K)   
TL84 (4100 K)   
Homelight A (2850K)

High CIE rating
Full Spectrum

High ammounts of green
High light intensity

High ammounts of red/orange
Wolfram Draht




TL83 (3000K) 
CWF (4100K) UV
High amount of reddish yellow
Narrow tri-phosphor band
Wide band single phosphor
High amount of yellow/green

Seperately  controlled
Makes optical brighteners and fluorescent colors/pigments

The SCV’s unique patented design allows you to use four of the most commonly used light sources in your color evaluation process. Upon request TL84 can be replaced with CWF.


Under one light source        

  under 4 different light sources



A designer can’t be sure in many cases what characteristic important is until he can actually see how the color samples ore color sample paring react to each other simultaneously under different light sources. It can be possible that the best choice the color is that keeps the best color appearance under a number of differed light sources. In other cases the color appearance can be the best choice when the samples show the closest match under a small number of different light sources











Der Designer kann nicht in allen Fällen sicher sein, welche farbliche Charakteristik wichtiger ist, bis er tatsächlich sehen kann, wie die Farbmuster - oder Farbpaarungen - unter verschiedenen Lichtverhältnissen aussieht. Es kann sein, das die beste Farbwahl die ist, die den allgemeinen Farbton-Eindruck unter einer Vielzahl von Lichtverhältnissen behält. In anderen Fällen kann die engste visuelle Übereinstimmung unter einer eingeschränkten Auswahl an Lichtquellen besser sein.


SCV SimultaneousColor Viewer