PDV-2e/M Multi Source Portable Desktop Viewer


Viewing Area: 19 cm deep x 48 cm wide x 33 cm high



Perfect for client color presentations, lab applications.... anywhere color is critically viewed!  The PDV-2e/M complies with ASTM D1729 standards and is an essential tool for visual color assessment, comparison of color variations, and the detection of metamerism (when color samples appear to match under one illumination condition but distinctly change when viewed under a different illumination condition).


D65 Homelight A TL84

Features include 4 light sources - D65, CWF (TL84 optional), Incandescent, and UV, an ETM elapsed time meter to monitor usage of the daylight source, and an international voltage selector.  Unique hinged construction allows quick set-up and pack-up.  Side walls assure tight control of viewing environment and are conveniently stored on rear of unit. 

Sleek Design and Quick Set-up








Datasheet PDV-2e/M



PDV-2e/M with productsamples PDV-2e/M

Viewing Area


48 x 19 x 33 cm Datenblatt PDV-2e/M