CRD-1 Color Rendition Demonstrator

A valuable educational and communication tool designed for demonstrating the dramatic visual color effects of different light qualities on identical color prints or samples.

Viewing area:  3 x A4

PDF:              Datasheet CRD

The Color/Light Relationship

All "color" begins with the light source. A colored print or object is not, of itself, "colored". The pigments or dyestuffs in colored materials selectively absorb or reflect certain wavelengths of the light source illuminating it.
A "red" apple, for example, has natural pigmentation which absorbs most of the green and blue wavelengths from a white light source, reflecting the red energy toward our eyes. Our eyes detect that energy and transmit a signal to our brain which identifies it as what we have learned to be "red". If the light source's red energy is reduced, the red of the apple will also be reduced. Color is Light!


Three Spectrally Dissimilar Light Sources

Commercial Fluorescent

"Store Light"

    Daylight Fluorescent



"Home Light"



The Color Rendition Demonstrator dramatizes such effects by presenting identical prints or other colored materials under three spectrally different light sources: Fluorescent Cool-White "Store Light", 6500K Fluorescent "Daylight", and Incandescent "Home Light". With the CRD, package designers, for example, can evaluate the aesthetic appearance and color harmony of package materials as they might appear at the point of sale - under store light, at the point of use - under home light, or under full-spectrum daylight conditions.

GLX-16 — Backlight Color Viewer


Modern Chip-evaluation with high quality in slim design for:

  • Quality insurance in the plastics industry.
  • CMlite D65 lamps with full spectrum
  • Reflections free „non-glare Plexi glass lens
  • High efficient Reflector-System with even light distribution
  • Neutral Munsell /N8 painted
  • Optional GTI „LiteGuard II“ controls the lamps
  • Other light sources on request available (D50)

Viewing area: 46 cm widet x 25 cm deep

Dimension: 64 cm (w) x 38 cm (d) x 13 cm (h)

Shipping weight: 10 kg

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Standard Gray Neutral 8 Vinyl Latex


Standard Gray Neutral 8 is a water reducible vinyl latex for use in color viewing areas which require Munsell N8/ gray surround as specified by ISO 3664:2000. Available in gallons (3,78 liter) or pints (0,47 liter)

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