D65-Industrial Products - Overview

Colors in both graphic prints and industrial product samples appear differently under different light sources containing various spectral distributions. Accurate reproduction of products without standardized lighting is just not possible. Standard viewing products save you valuable time and money!

Our color viewing stations are critical in making informed, accurate decisions about color. Of course natural daylight is the best possible light source, but is impractical for production due to the fact that it is constantly changing and not always readily available. This is why the industry complied to an international standard, setting requirements for viewing conditions. D65 meets the strict requirements for color temperature, target color, and spectral distribution of simulated daylight. ASTM D1729 not only stipulates what defines D65, but also specifies light intesity, and evenness of illumination in the viewing area when evaluating color. Other light sources currently being used include Store/office TL84 lighting (CWF) and Homelight A.

This lightsources are also used to detect metamerism. UV light is predominantly used to evaluate fluorescence of optical brightners .

GTI Color Viewing Stations are currently employed in the surface, ink, color/paint/coating, plastics, textile, leather, and paper products (for example; prints and packaging) markets.



CMB-3064 with color samples

Viewing Area

(Width x Depth)



163 x 76 x 75 cm  


CMB-3052 data sheet





MM-MiniMatcher Systems

Affordable MiniMatcher Series for the critical color viewing and comparing of all materials and surfaces.

GLE-M Color Matching Lamps

Lamps in various sizes, with 2 to 5 different light types designed for rooms utilizing large color samples up to whole cars. Perfect for situations where a viewing booth just isnt enough! […more]

GTI CM65 Lamps

                    GTI CM65 lamps were specially developed to meet the CIE standards in color reproduction.
CM65 Lamps    




                                        Small, portable color viewing system with 4 lightsources. Whether your visiting a client, on the go, or in your office, this device is perfect for any situation.
PDV-2e/M mit color samples    

Other GTI-Products