Vertical Wall Viewing Systems

Can’t find the space you need for a viewing station?

Are your prints too large for conventional viewing systems?

GTI has the solution to your problems with a space saving design.

GTI Vertical Wall Viewing Systems


Today’s quality of large format prints are magnificent. But the conditions in which we are able to evaluate and compare these prints isn’t always ideal, making it difficult to tell similarities and differences in your prints. GTI has the expertise and product experience to properly illuminate large areas with a D50 light source meeting ISO 3664-2009 requirements.

To illuminate a large surface evenly and with the proper intensity; an optimal system of color viewing lamps, advanced luminaire technology, and accessories such as wall mounts and neutral grey wall panels are essential.



A new system to illuminate a designated wall


  • Innovative parabolic lenses
  • Easy to use wall mounts for perfect positioning
  • Graphiclite 100 D50 Standardized Viewing Lamps
  • Optional wireless remote available
  • LiteGaurd II monitoring system guarantees easy maintenance (optional)
  • Wall Panels, painted in neutral Munsell N8 grey, are also available
  • Requires virtually none of your valuable work space
  • Can be equipped with one or more light types.


The luminaire is the keystone to an exceptionally well illuminated wall. GTI Graphiclite luminaires feature an innovative parabolic lens, as well as a clean geometric design to provide an incredible, even illumination over large wall surfaces. All GTI luminaires are equipped with Graphiclite 100 lamps to ensure a balanced D50 light.

GTI’s GLE (Left) and GLL (Right) series luminaires (seen here with wall mount brackets) are available in 120 and 150 cm lengths.

GLE luminaires feature an on/off toggle switch located on the front face, and come with a standard power cord, allowing you to utilize your generic wall outlet.

GLL luminaires need to be hard wired into your electrical system, and allow you to turn the device on and off using your own wall mounted light switch.

Both models are available with an optional wireless remote control.


Specification / Model Number

Luminaire     Options
Model Nr.    with     Dimmable   LiteGuard II*    Walll Mount  
GLE-1032PH  120 cm Yes Yes   WB-GLE/32
GLL1032e/PH     120 cm Yes No   WB-GLL/32e
GLE1040PH     150 cm No Yes   WB-GLE/40    
GLL1040e/PH 150 cm Yes No   WB-GLL/40e

*Per requestn

Munsell N8 neutral grey wall panels

Model Nr.          Dimensions
4896* 122 x 244 cm
WP-4848* 122 x 122 cm
WP-4830* 122 x 76 cm

*includes four magnets

PDF:        Datasheet Wall Luminaire

VPI Vertical Print Inspector

GTI VPI systems were developed for all industries and feature a modern design. The vertical viewing area allows you to evaluate large print proofs. VPI inspectors are available in three different sizes and take up a small amount of your valuable workspace, making it perfect for the office or production area.


All GTI systems meet the requirements of the D50 ISO standards 3664-2009 for light intensity, quality, symmetry, environmental conditions and uniformity.


  • D50 Standardized color viewing system for 0B, 3B and larger formats
  • Vertical viewing surface.
  • Modern, symmetrical luminaire
  • State of the art electronic ballasts and slim T8 lamps
  • Improved reflector technology
  • Features our electronic “LiteGuard II” lamp monitor, showing not only warm up phase and lamp ours used, but also when to relamp
  • Painted in neutral Munsell N7 grey
  • Stable, hygienic metal design is easy to clean
  • Floor stand features casters for mobility
  • New Plexiglas lens
  • The magnetic printbar can be utilized anywhere on the back panel
  • Available in three different sizes and versions


Model   Viewing Area (W x H)   Version  
VPI-40       102 x 115 cm   VPI-40/D, VPI-40/Dx   
VPI-52   132 x 115 cm   VPI-52/D, VPI-52/Dx

  163 x 115 cm    

Accessories:   SW Side Walls






Viewing Area
(Width x Height)
3B Format
Max. of 132 x 115 cm  

Datasheet VPI            




                    Viewing Area
                   (Width x Height)
                    3B Format
                    Max. of 102 x 115 cm

Datasheet VPI











Viewing Area
(Width x Height)
7B Format
Max. of 163 x 115 cm   

Datasheet VPI