Soft Proofing Products

Soft Proofing systems improve the digital color management workflow by matching the light intensity of your viewing area to your monitor. GTI’s soft proofing equipment will help shorten your production process and lower your costs, while improving customer satisfaction.


Soft View SOFV-1xiQ

The SOFV-1xiQ is a soft proofing system that meets the ISO standard 3664-2009. The 1xiQ features a 50 x 61 viewing surface and a unique GTI wireless iQ light sensor. The booth includes adjustable light shields for both the top and bottom light sources to further improve even illumination. The Side Walls are removable, allowing larger prints to be evaluated. The digital dimming function can be controlled by the controls on the front panel. The iQ sensor measures the light intensity of your monitor, relaying the data to your booth for optimal matching. It also is capable of measuring the ambient light your booth is effected by, to maximize the matching process. The SOFV-1xiQ provides accurate calibration and lighting without the need of a computer, cables, or software..


EVS/iQ Viewing System

Soft Proofing opportunities can be combined with conventional proofing equipment to improve the color management process. By assimilating GTI’s iQ sensor technology to your workflow, you can simplify and shorten your soft proofing process, providing repeatable quality results. One or two monitors (with a size of up to 30”) can be mounted to rear wall of the booth. iQ models are equipped with digital dimmer, iQ sensor, keyboard tray and a ventilated storage cabinet. We do not offer monitors.



The MCVE/iQ is a soft proofing viewing system customized for customers with web offset printers. It adapts to your press console, offering full and variable intensity lighting , along with a sliding single or duel LCD mount that rotates out of the way of the signature panel. Please contact us for more information.



GLE-532A/iQ Digital Dimming Luminaire

This GTI soft proofing system guarantees specific calibration and an exact light intensity match between the print and your monitor with the push of a button. The key component for a quality large format soft proofing system is the GLE-532A/iQ with digital dimming and wireless iQ sensor.


PDV Desktop Viewers for Soft Proofing

The PDV-3e and PDV-2020e are alos available with a dimming function (/D) designed for soft proofing. This feature allows you to accurately match the light intensity of your print to your monitor. Both PDV-3e and PDV-2020e are also available with a lower luminaire (/Dx), providing a more even illumination of your viewing surface.