PDV Professional Desktop Viewer

  The Graphiclite® PDV Professional Desktop Viewer is a great choice for those who need quality D50 standardized viewing conditions. It’s viewing area, optional side walls, folding feature and patented reflector provides you with an extremely well illuminated surface that’s both practical and functional. Models with duel light sources provide a strong even illumination. Models with our optional dimming function offer exact visual adjustment of light intensity between your PDV and your monitor. PDV’s are compact, well designed, and versatile, making them the right choice for the right price.
PDV Familiy    


  • Painted in neutral Munsell N8 grey
  • Meets the D50 ISO standard 3664-2009 for light quality, intensity, viewing symmetry, environmental conditions, and uniformity
  • Stable, hygienic metal construction is easy to clean
  • Takes seconds to fold thanks to the unique hinge, allowing you to make room in your workspace or visit a client
  • Comes completely assembled, setup in seconds without tools
  • Optional Side Walls block out ambient light
  • Available in four sizes, and with different features


mobile foldet unfolded


PDV-1e with Sidewalls PDV-1e 
 Viewing Area (W x D)
PDF                                 Accessories

A4 Format 41 x 30 cm   

Datasheet PDV-1e

                  SW Side Walls



PDV-3e with

optional Side  Walls (SW)

PDV-3e/D   with

Dimmer and   optional   Side Walls (SW)

PDV-3e/Dx with

Dimmer,  and Side Walls  (included)  

PDV-3eTR/D with

raised base, Transparency 

Viewer and Dimme(Luminaire and Transparency Viewer

Viewing Area (W x D)



A4, A3, and A3+ Formats

Luminaire: 64 x 42 cm 

Transparency Viewer:30 x 20 cm

(only onPDV-3eTR models)                     

Datasheet PDV-3e 




PDV-2e               PDV-2e/D with dimmer

and optional Side Walls

Viewing Area (W x D)    PDF                    Accessories

A4 and A3 Horizontal Formats

Luminaire: 49 x 33 cm

Transparency Viewer:

Datasheet PDV-2e   


                            SW Side Walls




with optional

Side Walls (SW)

  PDV-2020e folded for mobility

Viewing Area (W x D)   PDF
A4, A3 and A3+ Formats     Luminaire: 64 x 60 cm   

Datasheet PDV-2020e

SW Side Walls


Various Models

PDV-2020e Portable Viewer
PDV-2020e/D Viewer with Dimming Function
PDV-2020eX Viewer with additional light sourceetrachter
PDV-2020e/Dx         Viewer with additional light source and Dimming Function includes Side Walls)