Other GTI-Products for the graphic Arts Industry

      GTI Color Rendition Demonstrator with three chambers demonstrates directly and without doubt the importance of standard color viewing and the color rendition under different light sources.
CRD-1 Color Rendition Demonstrator    


  • A valuable teaching and communications tool.
  • Displays an identical print under 3 various spectrally different light sources next to another and simultaneously.
  • Office light, daylight, and home light A.
  • Painted in Neutral Munsell N8 grey.
  • Also practical for evaluating and comparing small samples.
  • Saves you the time of lengthy discussions on why light sources are important.
  • Can also be used in color and graphic design.


CRD-1 with sample prints

CRD-1 with sample prints PDF
B3 x A4-Format Datasheet CRD-1

GTI LiteSupport & standardized lighting consultation service

GTI offers a consulting service that measures and analyses each D50 viewing booth in your work area. A status update will confirm the consistency between your individual stations and reassure you that you are meeting the ISO standard, giving you the necessary documented proof required by all ISO 9000 companies.

Transparency Viewer


Our transparency viewer has a modern, slim design, while being illuminated efficiently. This product meets the ISO standard for the graphic arts and photo industries. Each Viewer is tested to make sure it fulfills the required standard. The GLX viewer is available in 5 sizes, with viewing surfaces ranging from 25 x 25 cm up to 41 x 107 cm. Larger models can also be provided. All sizes can be equipped with our optional LiteGuard II per request.

Although the days of transparencies are over, our Transparency viewer is still a sought-after tool. GTI still offers all sizes and features, you just need to ask!

Neutral Grey Paint

Standard neutral 8 grey is an air-drying latex paint for viewing surfaces and backgrounds where Munsell N8 grey is required to keep up with ISO 3664:2009. Available in two sizes: one gallon (3.78 Liter) or one pint (0.47 Liter).



Neutral Grey Paint

Print Bars

   This custom extrusion features GTI’s unique chrome grip design which enables you to engage and disengage chromes and prints quickly and easily. Available in standard (61 cm, 91 cm, or 132 cm) or custom lengths to fit your every need with either foam adhesive or magnetic back. Specify when ordering. Ideal display device for retail environments, educational facilities, galleries, studios, and building lobbies

GTI MiniMatcher Series

The GTI MiniMatcher is ideal for die evaluation of consumer products, paint, packaging and other colored samples. The MM-1e and MM-2e are delivered with three standard light sources: artificial daylight (D65 or D50), store light (TL84 or CWF) and home light (Incandescent A). Ultraviolet (UVA BLB) is optional available. The MM-4e it equipped with 2 additional light sources, Ultraviolet (UVA BLB) and on other light source of your choice, D50, TL83, CWF, or 30U.

MiniMatcher Models:

H  x W x D 36 x 61 x 34 cm 33 x 46 x 25 cm  36 x 61 x 41 cm