D50-standard color viewing lamps

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Graphiclite 100 standard color viewing lamps have the reputation of excellent performance and quality. The main reason is the close match to the spectral requirements of the D50 light source and the close match to the standard ISO 3664-2009. Compared to commercially available D50 lamps with a very high color rendering index and an uneven spectral power distribution the Graphiclite 100 color viewing lamps deliver a consistent even spectral power distribution and the best match to the spectral power curve required by CIE D50.   


The tight compliance to the standard, the consistence light quality and the most different sizes of lamps available are the key component and the reason for GTI’s worldwide highest reputation in the critical color viewing applications. Because of tight quality control tolerances in the manufacturing process quality and performance of the GTI color viewing lamps are guaranteed.   

The spectral power distribution of the Graphiclite 100 color viewing lamps are the reason for the excellent color rendition. It is important to fulfill all parameter of the ISO 3664-2009 in order to benefit from the international industry standard. The most important factor is the spectrum of the light that shines onto the surface of the colored reproduction.

The below shown spectral power distribution of three different light sources (two fluorescent lamps and one LED light source) try to meet the D50 spectrum. It is clear that this light sources will render color different that in the ISO 3664-2009 specified.     

 LED technology is changing fast and is getting better but until today it can’t produce a spectrum required by CIE D50 and cannot be used in a GTI standard color viewing product.

The below shown spectral power distribution of Graphiclite 100 color viewing lamps is the closest to the D50 requirements and the better than any other 5000 Kelvin light source available in the market.    


High CRI, 5000K-Lamps   Low CRI, 5000K-Lamps   High CRI, 6300K-LED   High CRI, 5000K Graphiclite®-fluorescent lamps – the best reproduction of CIE D50

Die Graphiclite® 100 standard color viewing lamps are available as D50 and D65 lamps. The T8 (26mm diameter) fluorescent lamps fit into any standard G13 sockets.


Some fluorescent lamps are available as T12 (approx. 38mm diameter)


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PDF-files:       Datasheet D50 lamps

                   Datasheet D65 lamps