GTI CVX Systems are specially designed for the Printing industry. With four different sizes, their functional design also work for large format packaging prints. All GTI systems fulfill the D50 ISO Standard 3664-2009 for light quality, intensity, viewing symmetry, environmental conditions, and uniformity.

  • D50 Standardized Viewing Systems from 3B to 7B for large format prints.
  • Horizontal and vertical viewing surfaces.
  • Modern, symmetrical luminaires.
  • State of the art electronic ballasts and slim T8 lamps.
  • Improved reflector technology.
  • Equipped with “LiteGaurd II”, the electronic lamp monitoring system displaying lamp warm up, lamp hours, and remaining lamp life.
  • Available in four sizes
  • Painted in neutral Munsell N7 grey.
  • Hygienic, stable metal construction is easy to clean.
  • Advanced lens provides balanced luminance.
  • Includes side walls to block out ambient light.
  • Extensive accessory options available
  • CVX-3052 and CVX-3 can be delivered with two (IDS) or three (IH) various light sources.
  • Available with a wide range of accessories:
Code  Type
PDF    Available for:
1F     Flat File Drawer            Datasheet 1F/2F CVX-3052, 30106
2F   Dual File Drawers         Datasheet 1F/2F   CVX-3052, 30106
SC  Storage Cabinet              Datasheet SC    CVX-3052, 30106, CVX-3, 4

CVX-3052     (Replaces the CVX-1!)




CVX-3052/FS in use

Viewing Surface

3B Format

Max. of 132 x 74 cm  

Datasheet CVX-3052    



 The CVX-4 consists of two specially prepared CVX-3s.



Viewing Surface PDF  

2 x 7B Format
max. of 330 x 122 cm

Datasheet CVX-4




CVX-3 CVX-3 with Storage Cabinet
Viewing Area PDF  Zubehör 
7B Format
max. 162 x 122 cm


Datasheet CVX-3 

FD File Drawer Set

SC Storage Cabinet