Color Viewing Station



EVS-Series CVX-Series      

Desktop-Viewer  – PDV-Series


For use in the workplace, the atractivley designed mobil PDV series from GTI meets the ISO standard 3664-2009, and is offered in a variety of sizes and versions.

PDV-2e/D PDV mobil PDV-Serie    

Soft Proofing Systems


Soft Proofing is setting new standards by noticably shortening the production proccessby allowing you to directly compare a production print with the digital proof on your monitor. GTI’s new iQ system is here to raise the bar!


Vertical Wall Viewing Systems


Do you have large prints but no room for XXL booth combinations? We can illuminate your wall, allowing for proper light intensity and uniformity with with little or no space requirements!

Graphiclite 100 D50 Color Viewing Lamps


GTI’s own D50 viewing lamps are a fundamental tool to evaluate color accurately. With full spectral energy distribution and a high CRI, GTI Graphiclite 100 lamps are at the peak.

Other GTI products


We can keep talking about light and color all day – but a CRD can do the talking for us. The neutral gray Graphiclite paint helps provide you with standardized, balanced viewing conditions. Transparency Viewers are also still available!