GTI Graphic Technology, Inc.      

GTI GmbH was founded in 2005 to represent GTI in Germany and the European Union. 


The GTI GmbH carries the full line of GTI products for the graphic arts and the color and appearance markets. We are the competent partner for all color viewing questions.


To supply the European market better and faster GTI has a 300m² warehouse and offices in the town of Jever in the northern part of Germany.  

To respond to the constantly growing request of GTI products we keep a wide range of GTI products on stock and are able to ship daily.


Direkte GTI Vertretungen sind:

Bahnhofsweg 30

24955 Harrislee



Graphic Technology (supplies) Ltd.
39b Water Royd Lane
Mirfield, West Yorkshire WF14 9FS



GTI Graphic Technology, Inc.
211 Dupont Ave.
Newburgh, NY 12550

 GTI Graphic Technology, Inc was founded in 1975.

GTI was founded in 1975 to design and manufacture critical color viewing/inspection systems for the most demanding clients. Success over the past 35 years has been the result of our relentless pursuit of improved consistency and accuracy of our Graphiclite Color Viewing Systems, CMlite Color Matching Booths, and proprietary color viewing lamps. Our precision is guaranteed by an in-house spectroradiometric laboratory and our 100% measurement and verification production process.




GTI Graphic Technology, Inc. enjoys a long-term reputation as the premiere designer and manufacturer of tight tolerance D5000 color viewing and lighting products for the graphic arts and photographic industries. This recognition has been earned through an uncompromising commitment to excellence and innovation.

In recent years, the advances in the world of computer generated color prompted GTI to expand its market reach to include an exciting line of products designed specifically for desktop and digital imaging color. This innovative product line proudly carries GTI’s tradition for excellence well into the next century! GTI also manufactures a variety of color matching booths for the ink, plastic, paint, textile, and colorant industries.

Featured Product Line

GTI offers a wide range of high quality color viewing systems under the name Graphiclite. Graphiclite products are designed and manufactured to conform to the strict tolerances specified by current industry standards.

The company’s research and testing facility operates a radiometric lab that monitors and assures the integrity of all Graphiclite viewers. GTI’s expert technical staff utilizes the latest technology and instrumentation available.

Vital Statistics

Established in Newburgh, New York in 1975 by engineering professionals with years of technical experience in the field of color, GTI employs over 50 people and is owned by the key management members of the company. Administration, marketing, design, and manufacturing are all contained in a modern 3.000 square meter building situated on a three acre site.

GTI actively participates in numerous industrial and professional organizations and enthusiastically promotes education, research, and technology.

GTI products are marketed worldwide through more than 300 graphic arts and photographic dealers and distributors.