Why do we need standardized color viewing conditions?

Because color looks different under different light sources!

Whether you are working with graphic prints or industrial product samples, all colors look different under various light types with different spectral energy distributions. Accurattly reproducing products without standard lighting conditions is not possible. Our equipment will save you time and money!


D50 - Graphic Products





GTI has been developing, manufacturing, and distributing products with D50 standardized light for the graphic industry for over 30 years. We have products ranging from small desktop color veiwing stations to XXL custom veiwing areas, to provide you with the correct tool fort he job. Our own D50 Graphiclite 100 color veiwing lamps guarantee a balanced spectrum and meet the ISO standard 3664-2009.


D65 - Industrial Products

Whether for product development or quality control in production, Standardized light products are essential for making accurate decisions about color and surfaces. Our D65 industrial products provide you with veiwing conditions that meet the ASTM D1729 standard, along with all derived standards (for example, ISOxxxx). GTI offers products with 3 to 5 various light sources, from small desktop veiwers to large setups capable of illuminating entire rooms, eneabling us to provide you with the right product!